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Before leaving the site, however, I checked the profile on Curious and learned she was 21 years old with interests in voyeurism and exhibitionism. I spend ten to twelve hours a day interacting with people and playing the roll as salesman. Complicated relationships are depressing and too much work.

When I want sex, it is much easier to go to the internet and masturbate, or when I tire of the self abuse, I pick up a common street walker.

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He also used these profiles to pose as an artist and post online adverts for female life This site is owned and operated by Sharpe Dezine BV, The Netherlands. The rush of seeing someone, or more, engaging in private moments while you sit by and watch every tantalizing minute of it. It seemed like the only person responding to my comments and questions was a person called Curious. It was confusing and I stumbled around until I learned the knack, then found myself enjoying the banter.

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