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Determined to give her own life experiences purpose, resolute about making a difference and addressing the issue of child abuse, Darlene certified as a licensed daycare provider and opened an interactive daycare facility where parents were directly involved in the program, including sessions where she taught non-violent forms of discipline.

When her husband took early retirement, Darlene shifted her focus from child daycare to child abuse survivors.

Bonus: Keith (sort of) addresses rumors that he's dating Whitney! I will say this — throughout the whole jury process my mind was completely open. I didn't think that somebody would give me a million dollars over a Mormon mother with six adopted children. Semhar Tadesse: Redemption Island was my biggest fear Keith, did you ever doubt Jim's story? I had some very strong suspicions it wasn't the whole story but at that point it didn't really matter to me. Jim: How much the paranoia, the lack of food, and the lack of sleep gets to you. Keith: Unfortunately I can't really talk about that right now.

Dixon The abusive childhood and teenage years Coach Eric Dixon endured gave him a firsthand insight into the psychology of abuse victims.

He currently coaches elite high school students, college athletes, US Air Forces Wounded Warrior members, and a national’s master’s women’s team.

We got married and I gave birth to him 12 weeks early, the day after my 17th birthday. They went on to say that once I was done with the physical part, others will have already worked through it right about the time I started dealing with the emotional side and that I should be prepared for that. My husband, who had been so awesome and loving to me for over 13 years at this point, was far from understanding. He had never treated me like this and such terrible timing!

Sure enough, about 6 weeks after I had my last treatment, I was crying all the time. After he started treating me poorly, I noticed that something was just completely off.

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