Who is dallas lovato dating

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Just a few days after Demi Lovato called out Stalker Sarah — A. If you remember from Friday, Demi was concerned (to say the least) that Stalker Sarah was preying on Madison De La Garza because of the younger girl's age, and Demi did not shy away from sharing her opinions on Instagram!

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), the looks of his supposed dating history beg to differ. Cameron Dallas — At the core of this dating rumor, you’ll find none other than Shawn Mendes himself!

Last summer he posted a song titled, “Cameron Dallas” featuring another one of our favorite Vine hotties, Jack Gillinsky.

Demi Lovato is letting out a side of her we’ve never seen before, as she dishes out some harsh words for super fan, Stalker Sarah, after Demi found out that she was hanging out with her younger sister, Madison de La Garza. Lovato is worried that Sarah is just using her little sister for her fame, and she is certainly not taking too kindly to the two being friendly with each other.

Demi certainly didn’t hold back while lashing out at her on Instagram, calling her a “20 year old fame LEECH.” She also wrote, “she completely takes advantage of people, even 14 year olds even though she’s 20.” Burn, much? Sarah is infamous for stalking the lives of celebrities and taking pictures with them—she’s even managed to snag a few with Demi—so, we can understand her being wary about the situation.

Four more cast members live in and around Los Angeles, including Cristina Sanz, John Tucker, Elena Ashmore and Megan Bomgaars, who recently moved to Southern California from Colorado.

Shawn was even one of the chosen few at T-Swift’s birthday party (still experiencing major fomo) this past December and is currently touring with Tay as we speak.

a funny tweet, she'll screenshot it and send it to our family group message (which includes our mom and our sister, Dallas, 27). When Demi is home, our relationship is just like any sisters'.

Demi wasn't the only one to take action, though, as Sarah tweeted out a pic of an alleged conversation between her and Lovato’s older sister, Dallas. Msg from Dallas when she found out I was being attacked in her family's name.

At the ripe age of 16 years old, Shawn Mendes has been linked to his fair share of girls (and even a dude).

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