Ampeg svt cabinet dating

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WANTED WANTED WANTED WANTED WANTED Marshall Lead 12 model 3005 head and cab wanted to buy.

The tone stages may also have electronic effects such as There are two configurations of guitar amplifiers: combination ("combo") amplifiers, which include an amplifier and one or more speakers in a wooden cabinet; and the standalone amplifier (often called a "head" or "amp head"), which does not include a speaker, but rather passes the signal to a or "cab".

Guitar amplifiers range in price and quality from small, low-powered practice amplifiers, designed for students, which sell for less than USD, to expensive amplifiers which are custom-made for professional musicians and can cost thousands of dollars.

Often, there are no tags, and be wary of getting shocked if you choose to open up your amp. please email Billy and tell him you sold it if possible.... Amp Model: OR120 combo Serial Number: 727 Date finished: ?That’s why you’ll find the SVT-810E on stage with such artists as Chris Squire (Yes), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), John Mc Vie (Fleetwood Mac), and far too many others to list here.In the world of high performance bass cabs, the Ampeg SVT-810E stands tall and proud.You’d need five 18” or six 15” speakers to move as much air as the SVT-810E!And they simply wouldn’t be able to respond to transient peaks as quickly as the tens.

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