Dating zuiko lenses

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In 1975 Vivitar introduced the "Series 1" line of lenses.

They were intended to compete with the best offerings of the major camera manufacturers, albeit at a very high price -- they were quite expensive even by OEM standards.

One of the first zooms to offer any kind of macro capability, it offered outstanding optics in a highly versatile package.

There were several versions produced over the years, the first three of which are still very desirable lenses.

You risk damaging your camera if you use an FL lens on a Canonflex.

This original Canonflex has a removable Pentaprism similar to Miranda and Topcon cameras. The Canonflex RP appeared in 1960 which was similar to the original Canonflex but had a fixed pentaprism.

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Both companies make some great little lenses for the Leica M mount and the Zeiss ZM range is considered by many as a true alternative to Leica.

Today I am here to talk about Leica and one of the classical focal lengths for 35mm photography. I feel that one could do 95% of their photography with just a 35 and 50mm lens which is why I enjoy having both, but the 50 has been the focal length I have really enjoyed shooting for the past couple of months.

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