Who is ryan gosling dating right now

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Lascivious Ryan Gosling lovers took to Twitter in their droves to express their lustful joy at the news the Hollywood heartthrob was finally single.

‘Hey Girl’ memes swarmed newsfeeds the internet over, while twitpics of a life-size Gosling pillow – designed by one now very rich Etsy trader – slowed social servers to a stuttering halt (see the image below for details).“Ever fancied waking up to Ryan Gosling every morning?

Ryan and Emma reportedly began a close friendship when Gosling needed a close friend after Esmeralda was born.

The pressures of being a new dad reportedly took their toll on Ryan and Emma lent an ear to listen when Gosling needed to talk.

Part of the reason for Eva and Ryan relentless bickering might be because Gosling has been getting cozy with “La La Land” co-star Emma Stone.” the randy so-and-sos at went one step further by creepily offering its readers: “15 ways to get Ryan Gosling into your house”.Never ones to miss a trick, Paddy Power even sent round odds targeting forlorn Notebook fans desperately hoping that the floppy-haired hunk would rekindle his romance with co-star and former flame Rachel Mc Adams (it’s 4/7, in case you fancy a flutter). Except for one crucial point the world seems to have conveniently glossed over: he’s not actually single."Apparently Eva Mendes has been impregnated by Ryan Gosling. Mendes, whose last public appearance was on March 18, was the center of pregnancy rumors back in February when she refused to pass through the body scanner at the airport because she had a baby on board. Gosling was the center of an Internet hoax on Father's Day in June when an unoffical Facebook page posing as the star shared a heartfelt message revealing that he adopted a baby boy and had been the little one's dad for the last year."It's so ridiculous," she told Ellen De Generes at the time, denying the claim. While it was not true, it seems Gosling did know last month he was going to be a father in the near future.

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