Dating a librarian

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Authors, please note what days the book will be free (or if it's permanently free).In addition to the original Fussy newsletter, your free books will appear on free books page, and our newsletter just for free ebooks. If it appears in large type on your book's cover, we'll include that in the title area.If you want to include the book's subtitle — this is common in nonfiction — you're welcome to include it in the synopsis of the book.We decided to pull five books from each of the eight genres that we knew were great reads.We set these up in the entrance of the JCHS Library.The title text goes on with the inflexible stereotype, as librarians will not make exceptions for or give reductions to their romantic partners' overdue fees.Alternately, it could mean that a librarian who is faced with the abuse of books as a bargaining tool would take retribution by not making an exception for late fees for their partner, particularly if said partner is absent-minded or otherwise disorganized.

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The next step was determining how we would set up our display.The humor comes from the stereotype of librarians as very sensitive to proper treatment of books and inflexibility with rule-breaking.Our Book a Librarian service connects library cardholders to one-on-one research assistance, help with e Books and other downloadables, and technology training.This year turned out to be the PERFECT year to bring this idea to life as the JCHS Library ditched Dewey in favor of a genrefied collection.Getting this February reading promotion off the ground was a group effort.

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