Teen self esteem and dating

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If not with a friend, perhaps we’ve even had similar thoughts and feelings ourselves.SEE ALSO: The New Narcissists: Young People and Self-Esteem I know I’ve had days when I haven’t received a single e-mail or text message on my phone, and the temptation is there to mope about it and think to myself, “Nobody is thinking about me today.” But is it really about me? Whenever I’m around other people, nobody even notices me.My self-esteem is non-existent.” How do we, as Christian women, help a friend at a time like this? Would it be in her best interest for us to try to boost her view of herself?

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They take other people's opinions of their strengths and weaknesses more seriously than they should.

Would we be doing our friend a service to make her feel better about herself for the time being, or would that only be a temporary plaster that would inevitably come off in a day or two?

Let’s be honest, most of us have experienced a similar situation, haven’t we?

Sugar-sprinkled egos Sadly, even in Christian circles recently, the pattern has been to focus on self rather than God, even if it is in subtle, sometimes unnoticeable ways. Is it a biblical mandate, that we should sprinkle sugar on top of each other’s egos?

SEE ALSO: Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem In actual fact, the term ‘self-esteem’ only became popular as a result of the rise of psychology in the 1960’s. Schools have entire curriculums based around the so-called importance of thinking highly of oneself.

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